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For really strong joints

The herbs in StrongBone go a long way to ensure a perfect balance between the need for Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus – the most important minerals for skeletal development.  It is also worthwhile feeding GlobalVite for a source of other key minerals but even diets that are short of Calcium will usually be suitable if StrongBone is added as a food supplement. The herbs in StrongBone work by attaching to minerals in the diet and supporting efficiency  and effectiveness in the way they are digested.

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  • Essential for stable joints, strong backs and feet
  • Works by supporting uptake of dietary Calcium
  • Particularly useful for young and growing equines
  • Also essential maintenance nutrition for all horses


  • Edible Stemmed Vine
  • Arjuna


Arjuna, Edible Stemmed Vine, Hay, Fermented Soyabean Meal, Horseradish


For quicker help use StrongBone at a rate of two 25ml scoops twice daily for an average sized horse over a period of 2-3 months. Maintenance can then be at 1-2 scoops daily indefinitely.