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Neem Oil and Mud Bug Buster winter survival pack

Neem Oil is, quite simply, one of nature's marvels and has a multitude of uses. For starters, it is antibacterial and anti-fungal and contains vitamin E and many essential amino acids, which help moisturise and soothe the skin. Neem Oil's collagen properties promote healthy, new skin, reduce scar tissue and encourage rapid hair re-growth.

Neem Oil can be rubbed onto your horse's legs, particularly white socks, during the muddy, winter months, creating a waterproof barrier. Apply a thick layer prior to turnout before any signs appear - it also helps stop the mud sticking! Neem Oil will soften and remove scabs, tackle itching and encourage hair re-growth. There is no need to shampoo which can make the skin more sensitive. For added protection use the Mud Bug Buster salve either on top of applied Neem or on it's own.

MUD BUG BUSTER an antibacterial and waterproof salve offering 24 hrs protection. No need to wash or scrub, simply apply to dry leg before turning out. The Neem, lemon, geranium and tea tree in Mud Bug Buster are all antibacterial, and the Neem also encourages hair re-growth.