Groomers Kit 1 litre

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Are pleased to launch their ‘Groomers kit’

Here at Alva we would love to see AlvaDog being used by dog groomers and with this in mind have a fantastic kit available.

🌟What’s in the kit ??

1 x 1ltr AlvaTeaTree shampoo
1 x 1ltr AlvaNeem shampoo
1 x 1ltr AlvaSheen coat conditioner & gloss
1 x 1ltr AlvaWotNot coat conditioner & detangler
1 x 100gsm AlvaMiracle 

🌟Why AlvaDog ?

AlvaDog - Aromatherapy grooming & care products - contains no nasty chemicals and can be used on puppies 8 weeks and older, nursing bitches, is made here in the UK, the essential oils sourced from soil association companies, Vegan and Cruelty free 💜

If you are interested in using these products in your grooming Salon and want a bit more information then please contact your local distributor who will be happy to advise and be on hand on your Alva journey or directly here at AlvaDog 🐾