Coligone Healthy Lick

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For Equine Gastric Stress

24/7 The NEW Coligone Healthy Lick is designed to help alleviate boredom and associated stress, whilst providing HIGH levels of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Unlike other equine licks, which are loaded with sugars, the Coligone Healthy Lick is LOW IN SUGAR (high sugar content can over ferment in the hind gut, causing acidosis and associated problems like colic and gastric irritation). Coligone is is a natural product, which is designed to aid and support the digestive system and maintain healthy acid levels in the digestive tract.

Coligone guards against Gastric Irritation

Contains scFOS and MOS Prebiotic’s and Yeasacc to encourage good bacteria in the hind gut and a natural seaweed buffer to ensure acid levels remain balanced. Contains minimal sugar and can be safely fed to laminitics and those with gastric ulcers.

Alleviate boredom and associated stress issues

Designed to help with gastric irritation, crib biting, wind sucking, grumpy behaviour, tucking up, bloated, windy tummies, weight issues and poor performance in competition horses. COLIGONE CALMS STRESSY HORSES For the best results, allow constant access, to promote increased saliva production, nature’s natural acid buffer. Can be fed to horses, ponies, donkeys, broodmares, stallions and foals. ​​​​​​​

Do not feed to sheep.

Ingredients: Coligone : Seaweed Buffer 50g/100g, ScFOS Prebiotics 30g/100g, MOS Prebiotics 9g/100g, Yeasacc 10g/100g, Sodium Bicarbonate 1g/100g