AlvaWotNot - Relaxing Detangler For Matted Coats by AlvaDog

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✔ AlvaWotNot is a leave-in dog coat detangling conditioning formulation.

✔ Moisturizing conditioner with Lavender Essential Oil.

✔ AlvaDog has been Recommended by Professional Groomers

✔ Helps undo stubborn matted knots and tangles

✔ Leaves your dog coat feeling silky, smooth and with a lovely relaxing fragrance

✔ Suitable for long and short haired coats with dry and sensitive skin

✔ Helps reduce split ends !

✔ Alcohol, Paraben and Sulfate Free

✔ Non-Aerosol

✔ Manufactured in London by one of the UK's most respected Aromatherapists


Suitable for every breed and safe to use on puppies from 8 weeks old.

Perfect for sensitive skin.

Adds shine and lustre.

Naturally derived conditioners help nourish and repairs.

Makes grooming easier.

Leaves your dog with a naturally glossy finish.