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🐾 🐶 🐾 AlvaEssentials 🐾 🐶 🐾 

This fantastic collection consists of:

AlvaTeaTree Shampoo 500ml
AlvaSheen 500ml
AlvaFlea repellent 500ml
AlvaWotNot 500ml

So what’s in the bottles?

AlvaTeaTree Shampoo 

⭐️ AlvaTeaTree shampoo is carefully formulated to gently cleanse the coat, soothe the skin whilst helping to deter those dreaded fleas !
⭐️ The tea tree oil in this shampoo is pleasant whilst bathing and acts as a deterrent to fleas, leaves the coat smooth, clean and smelling lovely.
⭐️ The tea tree oil we use is pharmaceutical grade to ensure your dog has the highest quality.

⭐️ Used for general bathing, leaving your canine friend naturally smelling good !

AlvaSheen conditioning coat gloss

⭐️ This high gloss coat conditioner contains our unique conditioner and aloe vera to help condition your dog’s coat. 

⭐️ It is suitable for all types and breeds of dog. 

⭐️ Keeps clean and protects from staining. 

⭐️ A must for all those who love to see their dogs with healthy looking glossy coats and for show quality finish.


⭐️ AlvaWotnot is a luxury coat detangler.

⭐️ It consists of a professional 2-phase moisture spray with organic Lavender Essential Oil 

⭐️ The formula specifically helps to repair hair, immediately moisturising hair and protecting cells

⭐️ The lavender oils work to provide a naturally relaxing fragrance for your dog. 

⭐️ The combination results in visibly more shine and pleasantly relaxing fragrance

⭐️ The formula is specially created for instant shine and hair suppleness. With aloe vera, our unique conditioner and essential high grade lavender oils, this product does what it says on the bottle.

⭐️ Simply spray on, comb through and enjoy freshness


⭐️ AlvaFlea is a chemical free product that is suitable for all coat types.

⭐️ Our formulation contains our unique conditioner along with pharmaceutical grade essentials oils to help stop fleas, ticks and lice living on your dog’s coat.

How ?�⭐️ The high gloss in AlvaFlea finish prevents insect eggs from sticking to hair follicles.

⭐️ Disables flea movements on your pet within minutes.
⭐️ Helps reduce the risk of tick-borne diseases

⭐️ The Aloe Vera helps to soothe your dog’s skin, whilst the essential oils act as a deterrent to other fleas and ticks.

⭐️ AlvaFlea can be applied to pups from 8 weeks of age and can also be used in pregnancy and on nursing bitches.

How to use?
⭐️ Saturate your dog’s coat with AlvaFlea. Leave to dry naturally. For optimum results we recommend you use AlvaNeem Shampoo at least once a month before saturating your dogs coat with AlvaFlea.

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