Biteback 'Winter Wash'™ Sweat Remover and Liniment

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Cold-hosing is not always the best option for a hot horse - especially in winter. Biteback Winter Washspray not only dissolves sweat but the inclusion of the liniment wintergreen oil makes it a powerful toner to soothe tired muscles.

  • Put your horse away clean and dry without using water
  • Eases your horse's muscles and joints after exercise
  • Discourages abrasions and fungal infections 
  • As a gently cleansing astringent, Winter Wash is also good for cleaning wounds and irritated skin
  • Ingredients: cider vinegar; Epsom salts; rubbing alcohol; oil of wintergreen (methyl salicylate) and softened water.
  • Comes with a fine Canyon trigger spray which means economical use and easy application
  • A 750ml spray should last you a couple of weeks, riding every day.
  • How to apply:  simply spray and rub down with a good sponge or leather. Leave to dry - the residues brush out next time you groom
  • FEI legal ingredients