Epiony The Heat Pad 215cm strap

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The Heat Pad has been designed and developed to be used on people and animals such as equinescanines and felines just to name a few.


Our innovative lightweight, flexible, super soft Heat Pad runs off a 12 volt smart lithium ion battery, providing soothing heat to all and delivering amazing resultsto hundreds of happy customers

This product provides drug free pain relief from sore muscles/arthritic joints or simply used for relaxationpurposes to reduce stress. 


Adjustable elastic strap:

1. 180cm length recommended for use on people and small animals e.g dogs.

2. 215cm length recommended for use on larger animals e.g horses


**1 year quality guarantee covers manufacturing faults, excludes damage caused by the customer or animal**


  • The Heat Pad (33cm*45cm)
  • A tough 600D polyester protective bag (Also hand made in the UK) 
  • 170 cm long neoprene waist belt (can be cut down or folded to size)
  • An elastic strap (surcingle) (two sizes available to choose from 180cm long or 215cm)
  • A 12 volt smart lithium ion battery with four temperature settings
  • A charger


  • We have safety as our first thought, the battery has a special built in thermostat to prevent from over heating. If the battery becomes too warm then the battery itself will turn off automatically.


  • The battery pack is mobileand can be moved from the heat pad onto the neoprene waist belt. 
  • We are supporting the British manufacturing industry and have had The Heat Pad made in Britain.